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... binge knitter ... music lover ... wannabe skier ... experimental gardener ...


I am a wife and mom to 2 amazing kiddos.  They make me laugh every day and there's nothing better than that! 


I've moved around a little bit ... growing up in Alaska, college in MT, some time in Texas and am most recently living in Missoula, Montana

Creating handmade goodness makes my heart happy.  I learned to sew early on as a kid but rediscover my love for it each time I sit down at a sewing machine.  Along the way I've done all kinds of crafting and have been knitting obsessed the last several years.

Off and on I've documented my projects.  This is my first big, cohesive attempt to be in one spot!  It's a little bit of everything as far as topics go, hopefully you'll enjoy a few things I have to share.

Among other things, I am a fan of fresh cut flowers, blankets right out of the dryer, long hot showers and blue raspberry nerd slushes from Sonic. 

So glad you're here! Stay awhile and check things out! Thanks for stopping by!

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