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As much as I would love to display all this in my own funky little shop for you to come browse around in with other awesome stuff, that's not a reality for now and I"ll keep dreaming on that.  Here is where you can find everything I love creating.  It's an evolving shop to figure out the best way to do this and I welcome your feedback!

A little pricing disclaimer -- my knitting group (and other fellow creatives) often talk about the time and value of something handmade.  When it comes to any handmade item, a lot of people don't feel like the price tag is justified ($50-100 spend on the good yarn for a medium project plus $10/hr and often double that to get a retail price if you google advice on pricing).  I work quickly but still if I priced my items this way I would probably scare people off.  I don't want anyone to think that by slightly undervaluing my time that they are getting something that isn't quality made.  I really just hope that I can bring back the idea of buying handmade.

A handmade gift is a unique gift, so most of what I create is one or few of a kind.  If there's ever anything you saw but missed out on getting yourself, please get in touch with me and we can see what I'm able to create for you.

The past 3 years of living back in Montana has rekindled by passion for knitting, so a lot of what you'll find is that.  Stay tuned for creations with other materials.

To shop, browse either the knit or sewn pages and contact me below with items you are interested in.  I can take payment via paypal (or cash if you're local).

Thanks for taking a peek!


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