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Updated: Aug 22, 2020

Little did I know that 8 weeks ago, when I made my first 3 masks for my dad (who would be traveling home to work), that my kitchen table would turn into an explosion of fabric and somewhere in the middle of it my sewing machine.

It seemed that with every post sewing session clean up I would open my inbox to another request for masks. I thought surely that demand would ebb but I've been wrong. 2 weeks ago I finally reorganized myself into a section of our bonus room, in an attempt to reclaim our living area and corral all the loose threads. So far that's been working. And I've even done some other projects now that my machine is out 24/7.

As long as I keep getting request for masks and I’m happy to continue sewing them! You can message me below (or text me if we're that friendly) to place an order.

—> $8/mask (PayPal, Venmo or cash)

—> Porch pick up in Pleasantview

—> Shipped USPS // $3.50 for 1-2, $5 for 3+

Orders sewn on Wednesday + Saturday mornings. Have an assortment of fabric that's always changing so contact me for what's current. Kid sizes are also available.

Masks are dual layered with a wire on the top edge to fit around the bridge of your nose. I was able to track down some elastic (yay!) so the pleat on these is modified from my previous masks w/ties. I will still make the fabric tie version upon request.

Here are some wear + wash guidelines from the CDC on fabric masks —>

Stay well ❤️

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