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CEDAR + PINE // launch

I've shared before about some of the fantastic photographers that have taken pictures of our family. For the last 4 years we've done numerous sessions with one in particular. When he messaged me earlier this summer with "I have an idea, text me!" I assumed it was an idea for a fun session/to use my kids for marketing a mini-shoot -- whatever it was, I knew I was already in!

I'd mentioned in the past that I was interested in photography and would be willing to edit/help out with whatever he might need being a one man operation. In the last year he created a new company, CEDAR + PINE, with the vision of turning it into a creative photographer collective. The idea he has was me joining the team! I'm now equipped with my own fancy camera and have been clicking away to build up my portfolio. The C + P website just launched, featuring myself, August (the founder) and 3 other amazing humans. To make it extra official, this blog post :) Keep us in mind for your next shoot.

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