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does this mean I'm legit?!

Wow!! I’ve been a bit blown away with releasing my knitting pattern. It’s gotten so many views, placed in knitting queues ... and even purchased!!! (well, that was the goal right? 😉) . I hopped on Ravelry this morning to see what’s happening and noticed that some purchases were referrals. I’m intrigued and on a hunt to learn more. Turns out another knitter/blogger in NORWAY!! likes my Chilkat mitts enough to feature them on her page 🥰 . Had to use some google translate action to figure out what she says but here’s some highlights... > simple can also be the best > knit yourself many + for gifts > multicolored yarn gets a chance to shine > quick, easy project . The little happy dance you do in your kitchen when you’re celebrating?? Totally me right now!! Thank you @vibbedille for taking a chance on putting my design out there for your readers to see 😘

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