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diy // curtain hemming

Our previous home had windows that were just a bit higher up on the wall so my favorite yellow curtains are just a tad long for our new house. This did not stop me from hanging them up right away after getting curtain rods! I'm aiming to have this room be the first one that's really completed, but we're debating yet how to properly furnish the space to use it as a play room and guest room.

I'd put off hemming the curtains because I didn't want to take them down to sew them. I also didn't want to cut them or put holes from the sewing line in case (for what would be totally random, but would happen the minute I make the curtains permanently short) we end up moving and I have the need for extra curtain length. The solution?? Heat and Bond!! It's a great no sew hack ;)

I'm DIY lazy so I didn't even take the curtains down. All I had to do was figure out how much to take them up and brought in the ironing board/iron and hemming tape. Since the extra length is just folded up on the back side of the curtain it added weight to the bottom that helps them stay looking nice instead of crazy. What a difference!!

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