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copy and paste

Post titles are not my best thing! I loathe coming up with them because I feel like I have to be clever enough to catch your attention.

This isn't really copy and pasting, just copying. My mom has been bringing me all my treasures from home as they are selling their house and purging their clutter. Instead of throwing my stuff away she brings it to me to decide about and then throw away (sorry mom!)

The last visit she brought some of my old artwork. I did keep a few things. One of the things among all my princess drawings were old art class exercises. My memory isn't great about elementary school but I do remember a lot about art class and how much I loved doing these.

It's pretty simple. Look at the picture in the box and then recreate it in the empty one. My 4 year old LOVES drawing. She's really good at it too (mom brag). So I made some of these up for her and she cruised right through them. She even asked for blank boxes to make some of her own designs up for my husband and I to do!

These got added to her collection of stuff for me to hold on to for her to throw away later ;)

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