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If you know me, I like things planned. And that's sorta held me back a little bit. The whole getting older, being married, having kids ...ya know, life ... has definitely changed that some. I still like knowing what's coming, but there's some more spontaneity now :) One of those things that I've always wanted to plan is having my own shop! And I have done a few things with consigning at local stores, but never really launched my etsy account that I signed up for however many years ago. I'd get hung up on wanting everything to be just right. I wanted it all to be perfect. Like how people tell you "there's never a right time to have a baby", I figure that there's never going to be that perfect moment I've been waiting for to start selling what I love creating. Fast forward to now. Even though there's more tweaking I"d like to do, I'm only going to figure those things out but actually going it. I know that sales may not come flooding in, but even just making one custom hat order gives me happiness and I hope provides some happiness for the recipient. A little pricing disclaimer -- My knitting group often talks about what it would take to spend the time making a sweater for someone. The eventual wearer would really need to understand the time and value of a handmade gift like that. When it come to any handmade item, a lot of people don't feel like the price tag is justified ($50-100 spent on yarn plus $10/hr x nights of work if you look up how you should price your pieces). I myself often will see something and say "oh I can make that myself or for cheaper" I feel like if I "appropriately" priced items that I'm going to scare people off. I don't want anyone thinking my slightly undervaluing my time that they are getting something that isn't quality made. I just hope that I can bring back the idea of buying handmade :) I also think that a handmade gift is a unique gift, so most of what I create is one or few of a kind. If there's ever anything that you see but missed out on getting for yourself, please get in touch with me and we can see what I'm able to recreate for you. The past year of living in Montana has rekindled my passion for knitting, so a lot of what you'll find is probably going to be knitted right now. But stay tuned for creations with other materials!

To shop, you can visit and click on the "for sale" item. Browse through the "sold" as well! Right now I'm taking payment via paypal (or cash if you're local/check if I know you well).

Ummmmm .... what else do I need to share??? I'd like to blog more and for bigger projects I hope to do so, but I've gotten more active with instagram. You can stay a little more up to date with smaller projects there (see feed over to the right). Thanks for supporting me, either by liking my page, referring to a friend or making a purchase -- I'm glad you're here!

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