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4ish years later ...

Knitting hat after hat after hat, I years ago decided to take on a more ambitious project. We were living with a friend waiting for our house to be built and my pregnant self with very idle hands decided on a cardigan. I splurged on some fabulous yarn from Mad Tosh and got busy. How much did I finish before that baby came? About a third of it. And then it sat and sat and sat ... and sat some more, even through another pregnancy. Returning to a cooler climate resparked my love of knitting. I found a great little group that meets weekly and after some more hats to reacquaint myself it was time to finish this cardigan. It took around 4 months, bigger chunks of it getting done at knitting group (between sharing our latest binge tv shows) and 15 minutes here and there at home or after the kids got tucked into bed. It's not 100% finished yet, still needing some blocking and buttons added (wood perhaps?), but binding off that last stitch deserved a photo! The pattern is by Jane Richmond. She is very easy to follow. I could not tell you what size I made, during various stages/counting stitches I was kind of all over the place ... we'll blame that on the long ago pregnancy brain. I did slightly modify the sleeves by narrowing them just a bit.

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