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mmm, popsicles!

... or more technically -- mmm, ice pops! I've not put much thought into it before, but Popsicle is actually a trademarked company, although people use the term to refer to other brands/similar products. Our ice pop adventure began not too long into this summer after my kids learned about neighborhood ice cream trucks. And ours has 3! They don't run cheap!! So, as a healthier and cheaper alternative we've started making our own at home. The first batch we made up came from the abundance of strawberries growing in our yard. A touch of lime juice to help bring the flavor to life and my kids were hooked. The past several weeks I've experimented with different flavor combinations and have come up with many favorites. My personal #1 is rhubarb-mint ---- sooooo delicious! It's all been fun and easy to do, the most difficult thing being to remember to insert the sticks after allowing the mixture to partially freeze up ;) Here's a bit of the process with the rhubarb lemon batch!

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