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Still rocking Jamberry ...

I jumped on the Jamberry wagon back in the spring of 2014. My daughter was a year old and even before having her, getting to the nail salon just wasn't something that I really did other than for pedicures with friends. But I tried a sample nail wrap and fell in love. I loved then that I felt like I was reclaiming some of myself, in a few different ways. First, I felt like I had time to pamper myself again, without the cost of a babysitter or the expensive cost of a salon. Second, I felt like I wasn't the shabby new mom anymore ... my routines with actually styling my hair (read: actually use a blow dryer every once in a while!) and putting on some makeup (let's not kid anyone, just some lip gloss and mascara) were starting to come back, and having manicured hands helped me get out of that first year mom slump. 3 years later and I'm still doing them! I love my Thursday night routine, every two weeks, of grabbing my manicure bag, turning on the DVR and just checking out while I redo my nails. It's been fun to watch Jamberry grow as a company, even though I don't promote it as actively as I did in the beginning. I love their TruShine gel system, love their wraps, love mixing it up .... anything I want to express whatever style I feel like at the moment. This gel color has been a favorite lately. It's called "The Skinny". If I wear it on it's own, I use several layers to get the darker color (close to what it's advertised as). There's lots of wraps that I can match it with. I also have been using it in my french manicure, just one coat before doing the tips, to add a touch of color and the subtlest sparkle.

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