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Harder than you think ...

You've seen the cute time lapse videos of someone decorating beautiful cakes and cookies right? Looks like it would be fun to do right?? Well, there's a little more to it than that.

My sister-in-law does some awesome cookies, so I had her make some Paw Patrol themed ones for my daughters birthday. They were truly amazing. I figured that with all the birthday parties, bake sales, etc that will be in our future that maybe I should give it a try.

Here's how this went... Step 1 // Mix up cookie dough, roll out, chill, cut, bake, repeat. Lesson learned, chilling the dough is critical to cutting/moving onto the cookie sheet as well as maintaining the shape during baking.

Step 2 // Prepare royal icing. Different consistencies for different techniques. Flood cookies, add other colors, let dry. Try piping on other decorative elements. ... let dry some more.

You get it, lots of steps. And better done without the distractions of kids tugging on me or anyone else in the kitchen so it was done over a couple nights. Another note on making cookies: I don't need to eat them all, or do my kids. Will have to practice in smaller batches or make and deliver places to get them out of the house and from adding to my waistline ;)

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