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Awesome photographer alert!!

Remember that time when you had your first kid and took a gazillion pictures (of the same thing!)? And not only were you taking pictures but you found awesome photographers to capture the cuteness factor at every 3 month milestone or holiday?? And then you had your second kid and all of that went out the window?? Yeah, that's me. Not that I went crazy with the professional photography with my daughter but we did manage to do a family shoot at 4 months old, Christmas pictures around 8 months? and then again when she turned one. There might have been a couple more after that. Fast forward to having my son. There's a good few months, scratch that, weeks that I clicked away, mostly recreating pictures I had done with his sister to have for comparison, but forget doing anything professional. I did manage to put together a little last minute mini Christmas shoot for some neighbors who also had put it off, but nothing just for him. We've been married 5 years and with the little man being 18 months(ish!) we needed to get family pictures done. It is hard shelling out the money. I know that there's a lot of work put into what photographers do after doing a session, but it's still hard. I did quite a bit of searching before I found someone that fit with our budget and style that I was after. We ended up shooting in late November, just shy from all the leaves being on the ground instead of on the trees yet. It was cold so the little man didn't want to cooperate too much despite the bribery of gummy bears and marshmallows. OH! and as it's all coming back to me (thanks mommy brain), I booked our session and the following day he falls and puts a big ol' gouge in his face below his right eye. With my husband's most random work schedule already causing a delay in booking photos I was dreading having to postpone. Our photographer was amazing though and edited out the at that post scabby mark --- see, right there, worth the money!! Anyways..... If you are in Montana and in the market for a great photographer, check out April Payton Photography -- you won't regret it.

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