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...hello again!

I've been reading a blog of another friend (go check Becoming Mo out!) and she so perfectly writes about her evolution and self-acceptance of where she is in life. That we all have the idea in our head of what we want our life to look like ....15 pounds lighter, eating better, parenting well, etc., but applying ourselves to get there can just be so overwhelming that you don't know where to start. Life has so many seasons that are apart of the story of who you are. You are continuously becoming you and that's something to embrace. So -- with a little inspiration from her and other awesome people that I have filling up my facebook newfeed, here's what we'll call scd reboot 2.0! While I've had a blog in some capacity for nearly the last 10 years, it's never really felt cohesive enough for me --- or I was half in this space and partially in another. And then this and that started and blogging/keeping a website just gets ignored. The last time I wrote, I mentioned being pregnant with our second and feeling like I was in an awesome space for getting life accomplished again with the age of our daughter. Well..... funny thing about having that second baby is that the whole getting anything done feeling just flies out the window. He joined us 16 months ago. And I feel like I'm coming out of that fog again into being a functioning person again. My season of life now includes just moving back to Montana from Texas, and with that we're navigating a lot of newness and restarts. So let's give this a fresh coat of paint too. I'm pretty sure I'm all in one spot now, let's see how this goes! It might not be 100% perfect, but I'm not either :)

(You may notice there's some older posts here. There's just a little bit of old history that I had to bring along .... hitting delete on it just seemed too brutal)

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