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oh, hello there!

Hi there blog world!! What the heck happened to me?! Being a mom is what happened. It's the best and most time sucking job in the world (I say this with all the love in my heart!) Truthfully, being a mom rocks. I know that it doesn't work for everyone, but I'm so appreciative that my husband and I moved to Texas to have the opportunity for me to stay home to raise our family when we started one. Seeing my daughter and watching her grow every day is something I treasure. We stay pretty busy between having grandparents visit and travel of our own, play dates, my occasionally watching other kids. Besides having an almost 2 year old we also have had our 15 year old nephew living with us the last year and a half. There's a story there itself, which may be shared in a more appropriate manner at another time. We began trying to expand our family around our daughter's first birthday and did get pregnant very quickly. This pregnancy also ended quickly, around 5/6 weeks. Not long after that we experienced a second early miscarriage. These are also stories to share in more detail later. We found out last into last summer that we again were expecting. I'm halfway through a very healthy pregnancy with a very active little brother reminding me all day long that he's in there growing. He should arrive the end of May. With our second kiddo on the way, we've been getting all those house projects checked off our list that we've had going since we moved in 2 weeks before our first was born. I'm trying hard (because pregnancy brain is real y'all!) to remember to take photos to share of all the stuff we've been up to. I'm in a place now, with little miss being almost 2 that I feel I can finally get some stuff going again. We'll see how that keeps up come May!!

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