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Moving Day!

We got the keys to our house!! There was a little bit of a delay with some paperwork so we ended up getting to move in on Friday instead of Wednesday, which was kind of a bummer because Chad ended up having to work overnight shifts between the loading and unloading of the Uhaul, but we had some awesome people come help out which we couldn't have done without.

A lot is unpacked already but still some to do before we share some pictures. We already had our first trip to Home Depot for paint for the nursery and some other fun homeowner stuff.

Everything is just about ready for the baby to show up, just a few more things to wash and put away. I think Chad is nesting too - he's got the garage already organized so we can park in it. Today we're 39 weeks and 1 day. I had an appointment this morning but there wasn't much happening to indicate her wanting to come out. I don't think it will be until after April 2nd and have put it out of my head to expect her this week, so hopefully I'm not out anywhere in public if my water breaks!!

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