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Popsicle Puzzles

I came across this idea via pinterest and adapted it a little bit. I've had a box of popsicle sticks forever in my stash of kid project supplies. So when I saw this idea it was like it was meant to be that I do this too : )

Rather than using photos (when was the last time I actual had a photo printed!?) I came up with something else. I was going to use magazines at first but the pictures weren't as fun or just not right - maybe it was just the wrong magazine. Instead we used pages from a coloring book. With a little bit of trimming to fit on the popsicle sticks and some glue we made a couple puzzles of the Cars characters.

They're easy to store, just wrap a rubber band around each one ... or put a shape or color code on the back for kids to sort them out before putting them together! (Another tip - make them colorful, it seemed easier for this 3 year old to use the colors to help put them in the right order when he'd get stuck)

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