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BNSF Bound

BIG NEWS! Our plan with moving to Texas is showing results! Here's the story so far. After getting here Chad had another interview with BNSF (Burlington Northern Santa Fe) for entering into the training program to be a dispatcher, which is run through one of the colleges here. They take 15/16 people a time to train over 4 months and hundreds apply! His last round of interview had about 100 people and he was chosen as the 2nd alternate for the class. Which both bummed us out but we also knew he was on their radar. We were told the next class would be starting in June, which threw a major wrench into wedding planning... like, could Chad even be there if he's taking this intensive training?!? We kept in contact with the person in charge of the classes to see if anyone hadn't registered or dropped out before the classes started and no one had. Monday the 31tst he got a phone call offering him a spot!! 3 weeks before the class!! We are thrilled. He started yesterday and has his first test tomorrow. Most of the first part of the training is in a class until the end of April. He'll get a little break - we're hoping to spend it in Montana - and then the last part will be more hands on training...June 6th should be his first day as an actual employee. Looks like we'll be in Texas for awhile . . . .

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