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"Hippie Bag"

I made this for myself back in Montana a few months ago and obviously slacked a bit on getting a picture up. It's the same pattern as another bag I made but I shrunk the bottom of the bag down a little and also added some darker fabric to the bottom in thinking the patterned fabric would look more worn on the bottom after setting it down all the time. Also had a great orange button to add some for flair and found my yellow scarf/handle at Target. Chad and I were out shopping the other day at Kohl's and the woman at the cash register said to me "oh! I love your hippie bag!". I'm not sure if that's how most people would describe my bag. Chad said it must have been the way I'd dressed (brown gouchos, olive tank top, red flip flops) and that if I'd been in jeans and a nice shirt that she would have made a different comment. However you want to describe my bag, it's now referred to as "my hippie bag" and the next one will definitely have a more modern look!

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