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BIG NEWS | We've Moved!

I have not mentioned this on my blog yet for fear of jinxing all that was going on -- but we moved to Texas! Chad is trying for a position with BNSF as a train dispatcher. It involves a 4 month training class before getting the job. The idea was to take the class offered in September and be working right after that. However, a week before his tests and interviews the people in charge filled the September class, so now the next one offered is in February. Rather than waiting things out in Montana, we moved to Fort Worth, Texas to be prepared and do everything possible to get this working in the right direction. We didn't want to be in a situation with breaking a lease on our place or keeping employers up in the air about when our last days would be. Also moving in February would have been terrible through all the snow in Montana and Wyoming. So, we're here now and have time to adjust to things here before his class starts. Thankfully, our friend Drew helped us drive down our Uhaul and 2nd car and unload it all into our tiny apartment. We went from about 1900 sf in Bozeman to 750 sf here! But it's an exciting challenge to see if we can live in our space more efficiently. Before he left we went out to PF Changs for dinner - it's the best! The area it's in is known as Sundance Square, a pretty safe spot downtown. We'd planned on a movie after dinner, but there were so many people out and things going on that we walked around and eventually ended up in a rock and roll dueling pianos bar - so much fun! I don't mind the heat. If we moved the beginning of the summer that might be different, so it was a good adjustment to come down in the fall. I've noticed a few things, probably more than a few, that I'm not sure if I expected or not. - No one really speeds: People tend to follow the speed limits, and rather than passing you people are pretty content with just following behind you until they get wherever they're going - People are very friendly: Maybe it's the accent (which the lady at the bank said we'd develop) but any time we've gone to shop or eat everyone has been so nice. - Store are clean: I'm sure there are places that are no so clean, but because of all the competition and repeats of many stores (we live so close to 2 different shopping areas that are almost identical) there must be a higher standard for keeping things as clean as they've been. At the moment we are looking for jobs. Probably the scariest part of moving was that we didn't have immediate jobs lined up. I found a great nanny agency to sign up with, but most of their clients are in Dallas and that's too long of a commute. There's a private preschool about a block away from where we live that's looking for help. I've had 2 interviews so far and should hear back by Friday if I get that job. Crossing my fingers hard!

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