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BIG NEWS | We're Engaged!

Along with all this moving to Texas stuff I've been waiting for an engagement ring. Chad and I have been together for 4 years. Last summer I started nagging that I'm a little more than over with waiting any longer and when talk of moving came up the beginning of this summer told him I would not be going anywhere with him until he proposed. We've had a summer busy summer and plenty of opportunity for him to ask, but he's a perfectionist when it comes to planning and nothing seemed quite right to him. After we'd decided on moving he starting planning that on the night before we left he would have everyone over at my grandparents for one last little goodbye party and that in front of everyone he would propose. He didn't tell anyone this was the plan, and for various reasons, no one was really able to make it on the night of. We still had things to do that night and I was pushing to get out the door, so before we left, he said he couldn't wait any longer to ask, got down on his knee and pulled out a little white ring box. And after the week we'd just had with packing and loading our Uhaul and everything else I pretty much cried through the whole thing. I said yes ; ) There isn't a date set yet. There's plenty of ideas in my head. Once things seem a little more settled with things in Fort Worth I can imagine how much time I'll be thinking of our big day.

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