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Simple Baby Shower Gift

Have you ever needed something for a baby or bridal shower, but the mothers and brides to be insist that they really don't need anything (or they do and you don't want to shell out a bunch of cash)?? I think a perfect gift is thank you cards. It's not something that everyone always has on their mind after such an event. This way they are on-hand for them to use and is one less thing for them to worry about during a busy time. I just attended a baby shower and brought these. The baby is unknown, but I found out the nursery is yellow and green. Each set that I made contains 10 cards and envelopes. I packaged them in clear vinyl boxes (from U-line) that I use when I make card sets to sell and tied ribbon around to keep the package together. Another great idea is to make a couple extra for yourself to keep in your ready to go collection!

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